Monday, May 7, 2012

Best Time of Year

Even though I'm cooped up inside the hospital on bed rest, I can tell you that the weather outside is beautiful. This time of year is one of the most stunning in Israel. You can count on sunny days finally day after day and blue skies with just the right temperatures. In just a month or two, it will be brutally hot. But for now, the entire country is relishing in the stunning weather that seems to make the world a beautiful place.

Flowers are blooming throughout the country in an assortment of colors.


Ice cream stands and fresh fruit juice shops are open and lined with patrons once again.

Cafes have opened up their outdoor dining areas.



The beaches are packed.

People are making their way outdoors for hikes, waterfall adventures and other outdoor activities.


This time of year also marks the beginning of many fun and festive outdoor festivals.

It's just about time for summer! Definitely the best season in any Mediterranean locale. Enjoy this recent video of a Flash Mob dance that took place at one of Tel Aviv's busy beaches. The fun energy sheds light on the good spirits that this summer weather brings with it:

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